Icon Films – TV production travel requirements

Icon Films deliver stories with a twist.  Energetic, ambitious and constantly evolving, Icon Films have been making films for over 20 years.  They work with wild animals, household names and acknowledged experts across a diverse range of fields and bring accessibility, revelation and storytelling to the screen.

General travel requirements:

With exotic productions all over the world, Icon Films needed a travel partner with experience and expertise in this area, and Stage & Screen were more than happy to fit the bill! Icon Films travel requirements are primarily international flight bookings for crew with excess baggage (from 10 up to 23 excess baggage). Abi, Icon’s travel manager, always advises them of the best carrier to fly with for excess rates and help them calculate the baggage costs and pre-book the baggage where possible. From numerous and complicated baggage, kit and visa requirements to  off-the-beaten-track locations, Abi ensures that everything runs smoothly, so that they can focus on creating their amazing content.

So useful - my workload would be so much more without S&S! We also use the out of hours service, always a friendly voice on the other end of the phone!
Sara Hill
Production Co-ordinator

The Stage and Screen / Icon Films moment: Baggage Embargos in Mexico

Whilst trying to get everything sorted for a production in Mexico, Icon films came across the issue of a baggage embargo for all airlines going to the US for when they needed to travel. This meant that it wouldn’t be possible to transport the kit required for filming. Luckily their travel manager Abi has eight years’ experience in the industry so got to work negotiating with each airline directly and managed to convince a non-American carrier to make an exception so that Icon could get all their necessary kit to Mexico in time for filming!

The Stage and Screen / Icon Films moment: River Monsters

Created Icon Films, River Monsters is now the top-rated show on US cable channel Animal Planet, and attracts up to 2.8m viewers when new episodes are premiered in the UK on ITV. Icon Films now runs six expeditions a year, travelling to the Congo or deepest darkest Amazonia to find their river monsters. Filming a series like River Monsters also brings its own challenges. The teams are usually small but they are often travelling into the most inhospitable parts of the world with excess baggage. Abi always helped them to take the sting out of complex travel planning and logistics by providing baggage calculations and allowances with multiple airlines. She also handled tricky customer services with Air China for their international and internal flights – confirming weight restrictions and battery regulations.