Ministry of Sound


Ministry of Sound (MoS) is a British record label which started out as a nightclub in London. Since then MoS has diversified into a multimedia entertainment business. In addition to the iconic nightclub, the group comprises an independent record label, live events and digital media.

MoS send both staff and artists all over the world to locations where they either have events or their acts are performing. The travel is global and could be to anywhere from Ibiza to Australia.

MoS travel fairly consistently throughout the year and as you can imagine, due to the nature of their business, there are certain times of year when travel increases significantly. For example, over the summer months MoS send people more regularly to places like Ibiza and to various festivals. Previously, they had been booking this themselves online but struggled as a booking engine can’t offer personalised service or understand specific industry requirements. In short, an online booking engine can’t be proactive or creative to cater for specific needs or react to an unexpected change in plans.

Working in a busy tours and events team, organising day to day logistics can be stressful. Stage and Screen offer an extremely efficient and reliable service that makes arranging travel for our DJs, Live Artists and Tour Managers quick and easy. The team are incredibly helpful and always on hand to assist with our needs. A real pleasure to work with.
Jen Martin
Event Logistics Manager

General travel requirements:

MoS have a very broad travel requirement. There is both global travel for DJs and other artists as well as executive travel. There is a focus on Ibiza, the United States and major festivals both in the Northern and Southern hemisphere. There is often group travel and group negotiated rates within hotels. There are always very strict budgets and timeframes so it is down to Stage and Screen to keep within these and ensure all artists arrive at the required destinations in time for shows.

MoS will often require significant amounts of equipment or props to be sent out to the locations. Typically this baggage requirement will incorporate oversized bags and sometimes batteries, so Stage and Screen are always available to offer advice on the logistics of this side of their travel.

Within MoS, the Stage and Screen team deal with variety of key stakeholders – from PAs and Event Co-ordinators to their Marketing Department. The Stage team provide a full end to end travel management solution including bookings flights, hotels, car hire and limos, visas and in some cases organising the online check in.

Last Minute Changes for Artists and Logistics Management

Stage and Screen were brought in to manage MoS’s full travel profile to address challenges they had experienced in dealing with suppliers as well as a lack of consistency and travel policy. As a result Stage and Screen have implemented a far simpler and more streamlined booking process. Bookers know that they can always contact their dedicated Travel Managers, Jen and Vannin, for all travel requests, planning and advice. In particular, a more personalised, dedicated travel solution makes a big impact in some key areas for MoS:

  • There are often a high volume of changes required due to various reasons from artists not making their flights through to changes in scheduling. Stage and Screen are continuously on hand to manage these, even at the very last minute.
  • Stage and Screen have a brilliant in-house emergency assist team, so no matter what time of the night it is, when an unforeseen change is required, it’s not a problem. The team have access to all the same systems and are pre-briefed on MoS’s preferences and travel profile, so the unexpected is quickly and efficiently handled.
  • Always proactive, the Stage and Screen team go out of their way to ensure that everything aspect of travel is taken care of including pre-paying baggage and processing hotel payments so that the Ministry team back at the office don’t need to worry about it.

Stage and Screen have now been delivering a full travel solution for Ministry of Sound for a number of years and continue to do everything in their power to ensure the show goes on!

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