Green Initiatives

As an organisation, we have placed an increased focus on sustainable practices and green initiatives over the past few years. We believe everyone in the travel industry needs to take responsibility for ensuring we care for the environment. Stage and Screen Travel is committed to promoting sustainable travel practices and making it easy for our clients to both understand and offset their carbon footprint.

We're committed to reducing our carbon footprint
Aisha Battersby
General Manager, Stage and Screen

The world is our workplace. In your industry the necessity for travel is a given for the entertainment, sports and creative industry communities. The key word is indeed ‘community’. Travel inevitably creates a carbon footprint and it is important to not only understand our footprint but also to take steps to mitigate it. We must all be accountable for our impact on the environment and carry out green initiatives.

Stage and Screen Travel UK has partnered with Susterra to develop software which makes it easy to produce comprehensive carbon emission reporting to a far more detailed level than available elsewhere. Regular carbon reporting is based on average footprints for designated flight routes and only accounts for CO2. Our software is specific to route and airline and accounts for all major Green House Gases as well as radiative forcing. This means the calculations are not only more accurate, but can help you reduce your annual carbon footprint by choosing the most environmentally efficient route and, where applicable, airlines.

So now I know my footprint, what can I do about it?

Stage and Screen can facilitate the offsetting of your carbon footprint as part of our service. Due to our company-wide volume, we are also able to offer a far lower cost-per-tonne to offset than the airlines charge. At £2.50 per tonne, it’s even lower than Climate Care’s rate. And offsetting costs a lot less than most people think. For example, the cost to offset a return flight on British Airways from Heathrow to JFK is approximately £3.25.

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