Production travel: attention to detail and quick turnarounds are essential

15 July 2016 | Case Studies
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Case study: Raw Files

Raw Files is a production company and part of the world’s leading fashion marketing group, The Saturday Group. Raw Files manages very high profile photo shoots which take place worldwide.

“Stage and Screen and James have been extremely efficient and accommodating about the challenging nature of our travel requests. Since working with Stage and Screen, our lives have become a lot easier and booking travel has become an all round smoother process.” “James has consistently provided an outstanding service that has quickly made him a vital component to our productions. I can fully rely on and trust in him to cater to the needs of the business and our clients. He is the perfect representative of Stage and Screen, making them the go-to travel company and a valued partner we will rely on for every shoot.”
Monica Durden
Head of Production, Raw Files

When Stage and Screen first met Monica Durden (Head of Production for Raw Files), she and her colleagues were booking complex itineraries themselves online. They had received such poor service from their previous travel provider they had been left with no confidence that the job would be done correctly by anyone else. Clients had experienced frequent disruptions due to numerous mistakes and a severe lack of communication.

However, undertaking travel arrangements themselves online was not sustainable either. Monica explains this was not productive for the team or the business.

“Booking travel ourselves instead of using a TMC was incredibly time-consuming and we were often overloaded with our work… we really needed to change”.

Enter Stage and Screen.

Understanding Needs

Due to the nature of the photo shoots, travel requests from Raw Files can be demanding and complicated; often involving many different people travelling from various areas in the world to one location. It is essential that this is all carefully co-ordinated so they arrive on the correct day at the correct time. Every single person involved on a shoot is crucial to the operation, therefore ensuring their timely arrival is vital to its success.

It is also essential to understand the need for a quick turnaround on travel requests as there is frequently a great deal of pressure to meet tight deadlines relating to the next shoot.

Demands can also be high as Raw Files must arrange travel for superstars, models, high profile photographers and stylists who expect nothing but the highest level of service.

This is something that Stage and Screen, and in particular Raw Files’ dedicated Account Manager, James understands and responds to:

“Working with Monica and the team is an adventure to say the least! But I really enjoy the challenge. I have learned what they need and I work hard to ensure they are getting the very best service from me.”

Dedicated service you can trust – Monica explains that having a TMC she can trust is invaluable to her and her team.


Written by Stage Screen