Virgin Atlantic’s Flying Club membership numbers have changed

24 January 2017 | News
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Important travel Update: as Virgin Atlantic’s Flying Club membership numbers have changed, we need to know your NEW number!

Most people in the entertainment and sports industries wouldn’t consider themselves as ‘business’ travellers, yet many undertake extensive travel as part of their day-t0-day working lives. Whether it’s travelling to production locations, participating in sporting tournaments or setting up camp in New York for Fashion Week, people in creative industries travel for business every day and they can massively benefit from the airlines loyalty programmes!

That’s why we would like to remind you that all Virgin Atlantic’s Flying Club Membership numbers have changed since last 13th November 2016, when the airline operated some changes to its Flying Club loyalty programme.

So, hurry up: let us know your new membership number!

In order for you to benefit from the Flying Club loyalty programme and accrue your miles, we will need to ensure that your profile is updated with your new Flying Club number.
We strongly advise you to provide us with your new frequent flyer number as soon as possible. To distinguish between the old and new numbers we have provided an example below:

Old Number – 00834098654 (start with 006, 007, 008 and 009)
New Number – 1064923710

As you can see from the example above they have moved from an eleven digit number to ten. Please, be aware that a not updated profile will not be recognised and you will not receive your Flying Club benefits.

The new Flying Club membership numbers will no longer change when the member moves between Flying Club tiers, therefore members will always keep the same number. New packs will be distributed to Silver (previously 008) and Gold (previously 009) members.

You don’t need to make any efforts, just contact your Travel Manager!

Written by Stage Screen