Virgin changes Sporting Equipment Policy

05 September 2016 | Industry Insights
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Virgin Atlantic have advised that effective 31 August 2016 they will be changing their Sporting Equipment Policy.

The change will be effective for bookings ticketed on/after 31 August 2016.

Customers who have purchased their ticket prior to 31 August will be entitled to carry one piece of free sports equipment in addition to their baggage allowance in line with the existing policy.

  • The new policy will allow customers to use their standard baggage allowance to carry 1 piece of sporting equipment (up to 23kg & 190x75x65cm)
  • Customers who have already used their standard baggage allowance will be able to purchase 1 extra piece of sports equipment (up to 23kg & 190x75x65cm) for 65 GBP / 100 USD
  • Any further sporting equipment in addition to the customer’s standard allowance and 1 extra sports piece will be subject to our standard excess fees including charging for oversize (baggage over 90x75x43cm) Please visit Virgin Atlantic website for further baggage charges.


Example Economy Allowance:

VS Current Policy VS New Policy (Effective August 2016)
Sport Bag Size 190 X 75 X 65 CM 190 X 75 X 65 CM
Sport Bag Weight 23 KG 23 KG
Sport Bag Fee FREE £65
Total Baggage Allowance 1 Bag + 1 Sports Bag 1 Bag of which Sports piece can be part of the allowance

Here’s an example of how it will work:

VS Current Policy VS New Policy (Effective August 2016)
Example 1 Customer with 1 Bag and 1 Bike £0 £65
Example 2 Customer with 1 Bike £0 £0
Written by Stage Screen