2017’s top holiday destinations

24 February 2017 | News
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Need a break? looking for your next holiday destination? The trouble with finding a seaside paradise is that you often have to share it with other holidaymakers.

However, for beach-goers keen to castaway at under-the-radar locations, there are several hidden stretches of sands and rocky shorelines that only the privileged few head to, below is some of the world’s top hidden gems.


Plage de Notre-Dame:

France isn’t particularly well-known for its island beaches – and that’s probably just the way the French like it, because they have several that are absolute unspoiled gems.  

Plage de Notre-Dame on the picturesque island of Porquerolles is a stand-out example.

Like any great hidden beach getting there requires a bit of effort, but not too much. Visitors will need to take a ferry from the historic Provencal town of Hyeres and then hike or cycle along the island’s north coast. Cars aren’t allowed.

Once there they’ll discover a beach that will likely astound them, with a perfect crescent shape, turquoise waters and a gently sloping seabed.


Con Dao’s beaches:

Serenity seekers can unwind on, explore the protected coral reefs or swim in the ‘gentle’ currents, according to the experts.

Active beach-goers are well catered for as there are facilities available for windsurfing, scuba diving, paddle-boarding and fishing.

The island itself has a rich French colonial history and there is just one town and one major hotel, Six Senses, on it.


Farewell Split:

The Rugged natural beauty can be found at which stretches 18 miles into the Tasman Sea.

A nature reserve and bird sanctuary, this little visited beach is ideal for explorers and shutterbugs.

The northern side of the beach has sand dunes formed by strong winds, whereas the southern side, facing Golden Bay, is calmer and is covered in vegetation


Tiny island Gili Meno :

Holidaymakers willing to stray off the beaten track in Indonesia will be rewarded with the untouched sands of this island.

A boat transfer drops tourists off as close as possible to the beach but there is no pier, no roads and the only mode of transport is by horse and cart.

The secret beach was also praised for its Gili Meno Wall ‘where during the day turtles freely swim by and giant gorgonian fans hang amongt the colourful corals’.


Margaret Beach (Bequia Island):

A blissful retreat offering unspoiled views of the Caribbean Sea, on the island of Bequia is an undisputed paradise, according to travellers in the know.

This 450m stretch of golden sand has shade provided by cedar and almond trees and just one beach bar.

The small island has limited cruise ship visits, no all-inclusive resorts and one airport.


Source : Daily Mail

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